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Population Genetics

Schreier, Spencer [1], Piya, Sarbottam [1], Nepal, Madhav [2].

Postglacial Founder Effect Detected in Endangered Populations of Native Red Mulberry at its Northwestern Boundary.

North American Morus rubra, commonly known as red mulberry, occurs in the eastern half of the United States with an extension into the Midwest. Current distribution pattern of M. rubra suggests a period(s) of historical glaciation event(s) that may have instigated founder effect through the leading edge expansion. The main objective of this study was to assess genetic diversity M. rubra populations with inferred differential glaciation history. We collected DNA samples from eight endangered populations of M. rubra in the Midwest. This sampling included populations from both historically glaciated and unglaciated areas. We used chloroplast trnLĀ­ intron and intergenic spacer of trnL-trnF and trnQ-rps16 regions to assess genetic diversity at chloroplast loci. We genotyped M. rubra samples at five microsatellite loci and characterization of additional microsatellite loci is under progress. We found much lower chlorotype variation in the glaciated areas than that in the unglaciated areas. The chlorotypes in the glaciated areas constituted a small subset of that in the unglaciated areas. Our results suggested leading edge expansion which might have been occurring in the M. rubra populations since the last glacial recession. The nuclear genetic diversity was in agreement with the chlorotype diversity suggesting ancient founder effect event shaping the present-day population structure. These results can be useful in developing effective conservation plan for the endangered M. rubra populations in the Midwest.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - South Dakota State University, Nepal Lab, SNP213, Brookings, South Dakota, 57007, United States
2 - South Dakota State University, Biology And Microbiology, Northern Plain Biostress Laboratory, Brookings, SD, 57007, USA

Morus rubra
Red mulberry
Founder effect
Leading edge expansion
endangered species.

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Date: Monday, July 29th, 2013
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