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Faivre, Amy [1].

Plant Reproductive Biology of Chasmogamous and Cleistogamous Flowers of Federally Threatened Clitoria fragrans (Fabaceae) Along the Lake Wales Ridge in Florida.

Little is known about the reproductive biology of Clitoria fragrans, an endemic species to the Lake Wales Ridge in Florida. The chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers of this legume were studied in several populations. In the Silver Lake population buds were marked, measured and monitored daily to determine at what developmental stage chasmogamous and cleistogamous buds could be distinguished from one another. Additional data were taken as flowers developed into fruits, to determine if fruits from chasmogamous flowers could be distinguished from those developing from cleistogamous flowers. In the Silver Lake and Tiger Creek populations across four years chasmogamous flowers were bagged before opening and flowers were self-pollinated or outcrossed. Flowers were stained and observed using fluorescence microscopy to measure pollen tube growth. Chasmogamous flowers were also bagged and then checked for the presence of nectar in two populations. Data indicated that chasmogamous flowers and fruits have calices that are approximately twice the size of calices of cleistogamous flowers and fruits (p<0.0001). Data from 2009 and 2010 indicated pollen tube growth to the ovaries following both self and outcross pollinations, but data from 2011 showed very little pollen tube growth beyond the stigma in either type of cross. In 2012 hand-pollinated flowers were collected 24 or 48 hours after hand-pollination to determine if pollen tubes needed additional time to grow. Nectar monitoring using microcapillary tubes indicated very little to no nectar but chasmogamous flowers do produce a strong scent. These data will be helpful in assessing Clitoria fragrans populations in the field to better understand chasmogamous versus cleistogamous flower development and characteristics. More information on the reproductive biology of this species will aid in its conservation efforts.

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1 - CEDAR CREST COLLEGE, Department of Biological Sciences, 100 COLLEGE DR, ALLENTOWN, PA, 18104-6196, USA

plant mating systems
pollen tube
Floral development
Clitoria fragrans .

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Date: Monday, July 29th, 2013
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