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Themes of land plant evolution, a celebration of the contributions of Leo J. Hickey

Taylor, David [1], Gee, Carole T. [2].

Leaf Architecture: Phylogenetic analysis of fossil water lily leaves based on leaf and vegetative characters: testing phylogenetic and biogeographic results using molecular data.

The Nymphaeales are central to discussions of early angiosperm evolution since they are one of the most basal clades of living flowering plants. Recent work has solidified the molecular relationships of the families (Cabombaceae, Nymphaeaceae, and Hydatellaceae) and genera, and have suggested that although the clade is old (dating back to at least Early Cretaceous), the living taxa are due to recent radiations during the Eocene and late Oligocene to middle Miocene. The fossil record is also growing, and phylogenetic analyses based on vegetative characters result in trees similar to those from molecular analyses that allow the fossils to be put in a phylogenetic context. The published fossils and phylogenetic analyses of the Cretaceous age fossils support the Early Cretaceous age of the order, but also suggest that members of the both Cabombaceae and Nymphaeaceae existed as separate families before the Eocene. Our Oligocene fossils support the diversification of more derived members of Nymphaeaceae. These data agree with the molecular analyses of the relationships, monophylly of the clade, and Tertiary diversification, but suggest that the molecular clock does not accurately reflect the Early Cretaceous separation of the Cabombaceae and Nymphaeaceae.

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1 - INDIANA UNIVERSITY SOUTHEAST, Department of Biology, 4201 GRANT LINE ROAD, NEW ALBANY, IN, 47150, USA, 812-941-2377
2 - University of Bonn, Steinmann Institute, Division of Paleontology, Nussallee 8, Bonn, 53115, Germany

leaf architecture

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Location: Belle-Chasse/Riverside Hilton
Date: Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
Time: 4:30 PM
Number: C6012
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