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Species tree reconstruction in polyploid complexes

Oberprieler, Christoph [1].

Species tree reconstruction in polyploid complexes - an overview.

In order to accomplish the ultimate goal of phylogenetics, being the reconstruction of the evolutionary history of the different lineages of organisms (the ´Tree of Life´), the usage of methods of molecular systematics have developed into indispensable tools of systematists. However, growing evidence for the importance of reticulation events among lineages by processes like hybridisation, homoploid or polyploid hybrid speciation in addition to the classically reconstructed bifurcations renders our gene-tree reconstructions to be only a step on the path towards the long-standing conceptual goal of systematics, being rather a tree of species than a tree of genes. In addition, the advent of large multi-locus datasets (phylogenomics) with their large numbers of independently segregating and individually evolving loci will also necessitate the application of new algorithms for estimating species trees from a number of often contradictory gene trees. The present contribution aims at an account of methods currently used in approaches to estimating species trees from multi-locus fingerprinting and sequence data. It will serve as an introduction into the different methods available for estimating species trees and will be illustrated with examples of some recent applications of these methods found in the systematic literature and will also provide examples from phylogenetic (species tree) reconstructions in the Compositae-Anthemideae.

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1 - Institute Of Botany, University Of Regensburg, Universittsstr. 31, Regensburg, N/A, D-93040, Germany

species tree
species network reconstruction
gene trees.

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Session: SY09
Location: Grand Ballroom A/Riverside Hilton
Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
Time: 7:55 AM
Number: SY09001
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