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Developmental and Structural Section

Thadeo, Marcela [1], Meira, Renata [2].

Foliar anatomy of Neotropical Salicaceae: characters useful to taxonomic approachs.

Up to this moment, there is no consensus regarding the taxonomic of the neotropical Salicaceae (former Flacourtiaceae) especially because they display very diverse morphology and share several characteristics with many other families. Recent phylogenies proposed several changes at both family and generic levels. Considering the importance of anatomy as an aid for taxonomy, the gathering of anatomical data for the family is fundamental to help elucidate the taxonomic problems. Leaves of species belonging to Abatia, Banara, Carpotroche, Casearia, Prockia and Xylosma genus were studied by standard microscopy techniques. The leaves were anatomically described, keeping the emphasis on their differences and similarities. In this work, it was possible to recognize similar characters for the neotropical Salicaceae (former Flacourtiaceae) and Salicaceae (strictu sensu) such as the presence of salicoid leaf teeth, simple unbranched unicellular trichomes, branched multicellular trichomes, brachyparacitic stomata, secondary growth of the petiole, abundance of crystals, collateral and arch-shaped vascular system at the midrib and sclerenchyma around the bundles. These dada demonstrated that leaf anatomy can provide new evidences to assist the taxonomy of Salicaceae, at both generic and specific levels. Moreover, this study supplies useful characters for discriminating species.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - Fundação Unesco-Hidroex, Science, Rua Professor Mário Palmerio, Número 1000, Frutal, MG, N/A, 38200-000, Brazil
2 - UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE VIÇOSA, Av. P. H. Rolfs, S/n, Centro, Campus UFV, Viçosa/Minas Gerais, N/A, 36570-000, Brazil

salicoid teeth
Xylosma .

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Session: 31
Location: Jasperwood/Riverside Hilton
Date: Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
Time: 3:00 PM
Number: 31007
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