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Yes, Bobby, evolution is real!

Cruzan, Mitchell [1].

Making Evolution Accessible and Relevant for a General Audience.

Effective communication of science has emerged as one of the greatest challenges for educators. Dramatic advances have made the sciences more remote and less understandable to the general public to the point that most people have difficulty discriminating between factual information and fabrications. The challenge we face as educators is to arm students with critical thinking skills that will facilitate logical analysis of the barrage of information they receive from the web and media. This is easiest to achieve by providing students with contexts and analogies that are relevant to their everyday life. I will present a series of examples and exercises that facilitate the effective communication of science and the principles of evolution. These include utilizing popular media for understanding the scientific method, analogies to illustrate complex concepts, and presentation of non-science ideas to contrast with theories in science. Exercises that directly engage students by applying scientific principles include “The Intelligent Design Challenge” and the discussion of the origin of traits that are unique to humans.

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1 - Portland State University, Department of Biology, PO BOX 751, PORTLAND, OR, 97207, USA

Intelligent Design
Scientific Method
Science Education
Human Evolution.

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Session: SY04
Location: Grand Ballroom A/Riverside Hilton
Date: Monday, July 29th, 2013
Time: 4:45 PM
Number: SY04007
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