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(111 Abstracts)
3801 West Temple Ave. (1 Abstract)
A.P.S. University, Rewa(M.P.) (1 Abstract)
ABL Herbarium (1 Abstract)
Academy of Natural Sciences (1 Abstract)
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University (1 Abstract)
Adler Planetarium (2 Abstracts)
Air Oasis (1 Abstract)
Albion College (1 Abstract)
Allergy ARTS (1 Abstract)
American Institute of Biological Sciences (1 Abstract)
American Society of Botanical Artists (2 Abstracts)
Annamalai University (1 Abstract)
Antioch College (2 Abstracts)
Appalachian State University (2 Abstracts)
Argonne National Lab (2 Abstracts)
Arizona State University (6 Abstracts)
Ashland University (1 Abstract)
Assiut UNiversity (1 Abstract)
Auburn University (4 Abstracts)
Bavarian Forest National Park (1 Abstract)
Belaire inc. (1 Abstract)
Bellarmine University (1 Abstract)
Ben Gurion University (1 Abstract)
Ben Gurion University of the Negev (1 Abstract)
Ben-Gurion University of The Negev (1 Abstract)
Bentley University (1 Abstract)
Berry College (1 Abstract)
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (1 Abstract)
Biodiversity Heritage Library (1 Abstract)
Biodôme de Montréal (1 Abstract)
Biogene Life Care (1 Abstract)
BISHOP MUSEUM (2 Abstracts)
Boise State Univeristy (1 Abstract)
Boston College (2 Abstracts)
Botanic Garden & Herbarium (1 Abstract)
Botanic Gardens Conservation International US (1 Abstract)
Botanic Institute of Barcelona (1 Abstract)
Botanical Museum (1 Abstract)
Botanical Society of America (2 Abstracts)
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (1 Abstract)
Brigham Yound University (1 Abstract)
Brigham Young University (6 Abstracts)
Brooklyn Botanic Garden (1 Abstract)
Brown University (2 Abstracts)
Bucknell University (5 Abstracts)
Butler University (2 Abstracts)
Cairo University (1 Abstract)
California Academy of Sciences (8 Abstracts)
California Polytechnic State University (1 Abstract)
California State Polytechnic University (2 Abstracts)
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (4 Abstracts)
California State University (1 Abstract)
California State University Bakersfield (6 Abstracts)
California State University Fullerton (2 Abstracts)
California State University, Bakersfield (2 Abstracts)
California State University, Chico (1 Abstract)
California State University, Fullerton (1 Abstract)
Campbell University (1 Abstract)
Canadian Museum of Nature (1 Abstract)
Cardiff University (1 Abstract)
Carroll University (1 Abstract)
Case Western Reserve University (1 Abstract)
Catholic University of America (3 Abstracts)
Central Michigan University (2 Abstracts)
Central Mindanao University (1 Abstract)
Centre For Australian National Biodiversity Research (5 Abstracts)
Centre For Forest Biology, University of Victoria (1 Abstract)
Centro de Investigacion Cientifica de Yucatan (1 Abstract)
Charles University in Prague (1 Abstract)
Charles University In Prague, Faculty of Science (2 Abstracts)
Chicago Botanic Garden (9 Abstracts)
Chicago Botanic Garden and Northwestern University (1 Abstract)
China Agricultural University (1 Abstract)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (1 Abstract)
Chonbuk National University (1 Abstract)
CIRAD (1 Abstract)
Claremont Graduate University (1 Abstract)
Clark University (1 Abstract)
CNRS (2 Abstracts)
CNRS, UMR AMAP (1 Abstract)
Colby College (1 Abstract)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (3 Abstracts)
Colgate University (7 Abstracts)
College of Arts And Sciences, Florida Gulf Coast University (1 Abstract)
College of the Bahamas (1 Abstract)
Colorado Mesa University (2 Abstracts)
Colorado State University (2 Abstracts)
Columbia University (1 Abstract)
Columbus State University (1 Abstract)
Cornell College (1 Abstract)
Cornell Lab of Ornithology (1 Abstract)
Cornell University (23 Abstracts)
CSU Los Angeles (2 Abstracts)
CUNY and The New York Botanical Garden (2 Abstracts)
Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague (1 Abstract)
Daejeon University (1 Abstract)
Dalhousie University (1 Abstract)
Deakin University (1 Abstract)
Delta State University (2 Abstracts)
Denison University (1 Abstract)
Denver Museum of Nature and Science (1 Abstract)
Department of Plant Science (1 Abstract)
Desert Botanical Garden (4 Abstracts)
Drake University (2 Abstracts)
Duke University (13 Abstracts)
Eastern Illinois University (7 Abstracts)
Eastern Kentucky University (1 Abstract)
Eastern Michigan University (4 Abstracts)
Eastern Washington University (4 Abstracts)
Elon University (2 Abstracts)
Embrapa Coastal Tablelands (1 Abstract)
Emporia State University (4 Abstracts)
Escuela Politécnica del Ejército (3 Abstracts)
ETH Zürich (1 Abstract)
Facultad de Ciencias (2 Abstracts)
Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo. Universidad Nacional de La Pla (1 Abstract)
Facultad De Ciencias, UNAM (1 Abstract)
Facultad De Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México (1 Abstract)
Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (1 Abstract)
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (4 Abstracts)
Farmingdale State College (1 Abstract)
Fayetteville State University (1 Abstract)
Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss (1 Abstract)
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria (2 Abstracts)
Federal University of Paraná (1 Abstract)
Federal University of Viçosa (1 Abstract)
Federal Urdu University of Arts science and Technolgy (1 Abstract)
Field Museum (1 Abstract)
Field Museum of Natural History (6 Abstracts)
Florida International University (13 Abstracts)
Florida International University And Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (1 Abstract)
Florida Museum of Natural History (3 Abstracts)
Florida Museum of Natural History-University of Florida (2 Abstracts)
Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida (1 Abstract)
Florida State University (6 Abstracts)
Fort Hays State University (4 Abstracts)
Fort Lewis College (1 Abstract)
Freie Universität Berlin (3 Abstracts)
Freie Universtat (1 Abstract)
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena (1 Abstract)
Fundação Unesco-Hidroex (1 Abstract)
Fundación Jardín Botánico Guillermo Pïñeres (1 Abstract)
Geological Survey (1 Abstract)
George Mason University (6 Abstracts)
George Washington University (2 Abstracts)
Georgia Institute of Technology (2 Abstracts)
Georgia Southern University (1 Abstract)
Ghent University (3 Abstracts)
Google (1 Abstract)
Graduate Student (1 Abstract)
Grand Valley State University (6 Abstracts)
Harris-Stowe State University (1 Abstract)
Harvard University (9 Abstracts)
Hazara University Mansehra, (1 Abstract)
Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan (1 Abstract)
Heidelberg University (1 Abstract)
Hendrix College (4 Abstracts)
Herbier de Guyane (1 Abstract)
Honolulu Community College, University of Hawaii (2 Abstracts)
Hope College (1 Abstract)
Hortus botanicus (1 Abstract)
Howard University, Biology Department, Washington, DC 20059 USA (3 Abstracts)
Hoyt Arboretum, Portland Parks and Recreation (1 Abstract)
Humboldt State University (6 Abstracts)
Hungarian Natural History Museum (1 Abstract)
Huntington Botanical Garden (1 Abstract)
Illinois Natural History Survey (2 Abstracts)
Illinois State University (3 Abstracts)
Indiana University (6 Abstracts)
Institut de recheche en biologie végétale (1 Abstract)
Institut De Recherche En Biologie Végétale (1 Abstract)
Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale, Université de Montréal (1 Abstract)
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (1 Abstract)
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) (1 Abstract)
Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity, University of Muenster (3 Abstracts)
Institute of Botany (1 Abstract)
Institute of Botany, Slovak Academy of Sciences (1 Abstract)
Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (1 Abstract)
Institute of Seagrass & Greater Caribbean Energy & Environment Foundat (1 Abstract)
Institute of Zoology Zoological Society of London (1 Abstract)
Instituto De Biologia, UNAM (5 Abstracts)
Instituto de Botánica del Nordeste (UNNE-CONICET (1 Abstract)
Instituto de Botánica del Nordeste (UNNE-CONICET) (1 Abstract)
Instituto de Ecologia (1 Abstract)
Instituto de Ecología A.C. (2 Abstracts)
Instituto de Ecologia, A. C. (1 Abstract)
Instituto De Ecología, A.C. (1 Abstract)
Instituto de Ecología, A.C., (1 Abstract)
Instituto de Ecología, A.C., Centro Regional del Bajío (1 Abstract)
Instituto De Ecologia, UNAM (2 Abstracts)
Instituto De Geología, UNAM (5 Abstracts)
Instituto de Pesquisas do Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro (1 Abstract)
International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (1 Abstract)
International Potato Center (CIP) (1 Abstract)
Iowa State University (9 Abstracts)
Iowa Western Community College (1 Abstract)
IRD, UMR AMAP (1 Abstract)
islamic azad university (1 Abstract)
Ithaca College (3 Abstracts)
Jacksonville State University (3 Abstracts)
James Cook University (1 Abstract)
Jardim Botanico de Rio de Janeiro (1 Abstract)
Jardim Botânico Do Rio De Janeiro (1 Abstract)
Jardin Botanico Nacional (1 Abstract)
Jardin Botanico Nacional, UNiversidad de La Habana (1 Abstract)
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park (1 Abstract)
Jodrell Laboratory (1 Abstract)
Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (1 Abstract)
John Carroll University (2 Abstracts)
Johns Hopkins University (1 Abstract)
Joseph F. Rock Herbarium (1 Abstract)
Kansas State University (9 Abstracts)
Keene State College (2 Abstracts)
Kennesaw State University (1 Abstract)
Kent State University (3 Abstracts)
King Khaled Univerity (1 Abstract)
Korea Forest Research Institute (3 Abstracts)
Korea National Arboretum (1 Abstract)
Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1 Abstract)
Kyoto Institute of Technology (1 Abstract)
Kyung Hee University (1 Abstract)
Kyungpook National University (1 Abstract)
Kyushu University (1 Abstract)
Lampton School (1 Abstract)
Lanzhou University (1 Abstract)
Laramie County Community College (3 Abstracts)
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (1 Abstract)
Leeds University (1 Abstract)
Lorain County Community College (1 Abstract)
Louisiana State University (7 Abstracts)
Louisiana State University Shreveport (4 Abstracts)
Loyola University (1 Abstract)
Loyola University Maryland (1 Abstract)
Loyola University New Orleans (1 Abstract)
M L. Bean Life Science Museum (2 Abstracts)
M.M. Gryshko National Botanic Garden (1 Abstract)
Marshall University (2 Abstracts)
Maryville University (6 Abstracts)
Massey University (1 Abstract)
Mbarara University of Science and Technology (1 Abstract)
McGill University, Quebec Center For Biodiversity Science (1 Abstract)
McMurry University (1 Abstract)
MEF-CONICET (5 Abstracts)
Miami Palmetto Senior High School (1 Abstract)
Miami University (9 Abstracts)
Michigan State University (3 Abstracts)
Michigan Technological University (1 Abstract)
Middle Tennessee State University (3 Abstracts)
Minot State University (1 Abstract)
Mississippi State University (3 Abstracts)
Missouri Botanical Garden (21 Abstracts)
Mongolian Academy of Sciences (1 Abstract)
Monsanto (1 Abstract)
Monsanto Company (1 Abstract)
Montana State University (2 Abstracts)
Montgomery Botanical Center (2 Abstracts)
Moscow South-West High School (1 Abstract)
MPG Ranch (1 Abstract)
Murdoch University (1 Abstract)
Museo De Historia Natural (1 Abstract)
Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales-CSIC C Serrano (1 Abstract)
Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio (1 Abstract)
Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (1 Abstract)
National Biodiversity Centre (1 Abstract)
National Botanic Garden of Belgium (1 Abstract)
National Chung Hsing University (1 Abstract)
National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc (1 Abstract)
National Institute of Biological Resources (1 Abstract)
National Museum of Natural History (1 Abstract)
National Museums of Kenya (1 Abstract)
National Park Service (1 Abstract)
National Science Foundation (2 Abstracts)
National Taiwan University (2 Abstracts)
National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (1 Abstract)
National Tropical Botanical Garden (1 Abstract)
Natural History Museum of Denmark (3 Abstracts)
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (1 Abstract)
Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest (1 Abstract)
Natural Products and Agrobiology Institute (IPNA-CSIC) (1 Abstract)
Naturalis Biodiversity Center (2 Abstracts)
Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden University (1 Abstract)
Naturmuseum Südtirol (1 Abstract)
NC State University (2 Abstracts)
Nebraska Wesleyen University (1 Abstract)
Nees Institute for Biodiversity of Plants, University of Bonn (1 Abstract)
NEON, Inc. (2 Abstracts)
New England Biolabs (1 Abstract)
New England College (1 Abstract)
New Mexico State University (4 Abstracts)
New York Botanic Garden (3 Abstracts)
New York Botanical Garden (10 Abstracts)
New York University (1 Abstract)
Nicholls State University (1 Abstract)
NIH/NLM/NCBI - BLDG 45 (1 Abstract)
NNorthern Arizona University (1 Abstract)
North Carolina Natural Heritage Program (2 Abstracts)
North Carolina State University (13 Abstracts)
North-West German Forest Research Institute (1 Abstract)
Northeastern Illinois University (4 Abstracts)
Northern Arizona University (6 Abstracts)
Northern Michigan University (1 Abstract)
Northern Research Station, United States Forest Service (2 Abstracts)
Northland College (1 Abstract)
Northwestern Illinois University (1 Abstract)
Northwestern University (1 Abstract)
Northwestern University / Chicago Botanic Garden (2 Abstracts)
Oberlin College (8 Abstracts)
Occidental College (1 Abstract)
Ohio State University (5 Abstracts)
Ohio University (17 Abstracts)
Ohio Universtiy (1 Abstract)
Oklahoma State University (8 Abstracts)
Old Dominion University (4 Abstracts)
Oregon State University (19 Abstracts)
Pacific Lutheran University (2 Abstracts)
Park University (1 Abstract)
Paul Scherrer Institut (2 Abstracts)
Penn State Univ. (2 Abstracts)
Penn State University (4 Abstracts)
Pennsylvania State University (4 Abstracts)
Pitzer College (1 Abstract)
Plattsburgh State University (1 Abstract)
Plymouth University (1 Abstract)
Pomona California State Polytechnic University (1 Abstract)
Portland State University (4 Abstracts)
Practical Academy on Wise Education and Research Foundation (2 Abstracts)
Prescience Trust Funds (3 Abstracts)
Principia College (1 Abstract)
Promega (1 Abstract)
Purdue (1 Abstract)
Purdue University (1 Abstract)
Quaid i Azam University (1 Abstract)
Queen Mary, University of London (1 Abstract)
Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden (2 Abstracts)
Queensland Herbarium (2 Abstracts)
Queensland University of Technology, Brsibane, Queensland, Australia (1 Abstract)
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (8 Abstracts)
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden & Claremont Graduate University (1 Abstract)
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden and Claremont Graduate University (1 Abstract)
Rhodes College (4 Abstracts)
Rice University (2 Abstracts)
Rimba Ilmu Botanic Garden (2 Abstracts)
Roosevelt University (1 Abstract)
Rose State College (1 Abstract)
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (1 Abstract)
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (2 Abstracts)
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (2 Abstracts)
Royal Botanic Gardens (1 Abstract)
Royal Botanic Gardens - Kew (3 Abstracts)
Royal Botanic Gardens-Kew (1 Abstract)
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (1 Abstract)
Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh (1 Abstract)
Royal Botanical Gardens (1 Abstract)
Royal Holloway University of London (2 Abstracts)
Royal Ontario Museum (2 Abstracts)
Rutgers University (5 Abstracts)
Saint Louis University (11 Abstracts)
Saint Xavier University (2 Abstracts)
Sam Houston State University (1 Abstract)
San Diego Natural History Museum (1 Abstract)
San Diego State University (2 Abstracts)
San Francisco State University (1 Abstract)
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (1 Abstract)
Schoodic Institute (1 Abstract)
Senckenberg Naturhistorische Sammlungen Dresden & Museum für Tierkunde (1 Abstract)
Seoul National University (2 Abstracts)
Servicio de Enseñanza Nacional (1 Abstract)
shahid beheshti university,tehran,iran (1 Abstract)
Shangri-La Alpine Botanical Garden (1 Abstract)
SIerra Foothills Research and Extension Center (1 Abstract)
Sierra Pacific Industries (1 Abstract)
Singapore Botanic Gardens (2 Abstracts)
Singapore University of Technology And Design (1 Abstract)
Slippery Rock University (1 Abstract)
Smith College (1 Abstract)
Smithsonian (1 Abstract)
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (1 Abstract)
Smithsonian Institution (17 Abstracts)
Smithsonian Marine Station (1 Abstract)
Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce (1 Abstract)
Smithsonian Museum Support Center (1 Abstract)
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (3 Abstracts)
South Dakota State University (4 Abstracts)
Southeast Missouri State University (3 Abstracts)
Southeastern Louisiana University (3 Abstracts)
Southern Arkansas University (3 Abstracts)
Southern Illinois University (7 Abstracts)
Southern Illinois University Carbondale (1 Abstract)
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (1 Abstract)
Southern Utah University (6 Abstracts)
srisivani degree college, (1 Abstract)
St. John's University ( Abstract)
Stanford University (2 Abstracts)
State University of New York (1 Abstract)
State University of Sao Paolo (1 Abstract)
State University of Sao Paulo (1 Abstract)
Stephen F Austin State University (2 Abstracts)
Stephen F. Austin State University (2 Abstracts)
Stockholm University (1 Abstract)
Stony Brook University (1 Abstract)
Sul Ross State University (1 Abstract)
Sungkyunkwan University (1 Abstract)
SUNY Oneonta (1 Abstract)
SUNY-Oneonta (2 Abstracts)
Swedish Museum of Natural History (1 Abstract)
Syracuse University (1 Abstract)
Technische Universität Dresden (4 Abstracts)
Texas A & M University (1 Abstract)
Texas A&M International University (3 Abstracts)
Texas A&M University (3 Abstracts)
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (1 Abstract)
Texas State University (4 Abstracts)
The Bahamas National Trust (1 Abstract)
The College of New Jersey (3 Abstracts)
The Evergreen State College (1 Abstract)
The Field Museum (4 Abstracts)
The Holden Arboretum (2 Abstracts)
The Mongolian Academy of Sciences (1 Abstract)
The Natural History Museum (1 Abstract)
The Nature Conservancy (1 Abstract)
The New York Botanical Garden (28 Abstracts)
The New York Botanical Gareden (1 Abstract)
The Ohio State University (7 Abstracts)
The Pennsylvania State University (1 Abstract)
The University of Aberdeen (1 Abstract)
The University of Alabama (3 Abstracts)
The University of Hong Kong (1 Abstract)
The University of Memphis (1 Abstract)
The University of Oklahoma (1 Abstract)
Tongji University (1 Abstract)
Trent University (5 Abstracts)
Tribhuvan University (2 Abstracts)
TU Dresden (1 Abstract)
Tulane University (1 Abstract)
U.S. Dept. Commerce, Bureau of the Census (1 Abstract)
U.S. Forest Service (1 Abstract)
U.S. Geological Survey (2 Abstracts)
UC Berkeley (2 Abstracts)
UC Berkeley/Utrecht University (1 Abstract)
UC Davis (2 Abstracts)
UC Davis Center for Plant Diversity (2 Abstracts)
Uinversity of Nevada, Las Vegas (1 Abstract)
Unidad de Botánica Aplicada (ICIA) (1 Abstract)
United States Botanic Garden (1 Abstract)
United States Department of Agriculture (1 Abstract)
Univeristy of California Berkeley (1 Abstract)
Univerisy of Minnesota Duluth (1 Abstract)
Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes (2 Abstracts)
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Xochimilco (1 Abstract)
Universidad de Antioquia (2 Abstracts)
Universidad De Buenos Aires (2 Abstracts)
Universidad de los Andes (8 Abstracts)
Universidad del Norte (UNINORTE) (1 Abstract)
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (7 Abstracts)
Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2 Abstracts)
Universidade da Madeira (1 Abstract)
Universidade do Estado da Bahia, campusVIII - Paulo Afonso (1 Abstract)
Universidade dos Açores (1 Abstract)
Universidade Estadual de Campinas (1 Abstract)
Universidade Estadual De Feira De Santana (1 Abstract)
Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (2 Abstracts)
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (1 Abstract)
Universidade Federal de Viçosa (4 Abstracts)
Universidade Federal do Paraná (4 Abstracts)
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (1 Abstract)
Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri, campus JK (1 Abstract)
Universita' di Napoli ( Abstract)
Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (1 Abstract)
Universität Bielefeld (1 Abstract)
Universität Salzburg (1 Abstract)
Université de Brest (1 Abstract)
Université de Montréal (1 Abstract)
Université de Neuchâtel (1 Abstract)
Université du Québec à Montréal (1 Abstract)
Université Libre de Bruxelles (1 Abstract)
Universite Paris-Sud 11 (2 Abstracts)
University At Buffalo (1 Abstract)
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (1 Abstract)
University California, Berkeley (1 Abstract)
University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (1 Abstract)
University of Agriculture in Krakow (2 Abstracts)
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (1 Abstract)
University of Alabama (1 Abstract)
University of Alaska Fairbanks (1 Abstract)
University of Alaska Museum of The North (5 Abstracts)
University of Alberta (6 Abstracts)
University of Arizona (7 Abstracts)
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (1 Abstract)
University of Bayreuth (1 Abstract)
University of Bonn (3 Abstracts)
University of Brasilia (1 Abstract)
University of British Columbia (9 Abstracts)
University of California (8 Abstracts)
University of California - Davis (1 Abstract)
University of California Berkeley (7 Abstracts)
University of California David (1 Abstract)
University of California Davis (5 Abstracts)
University of California Irvine (2 Abstracts)
University of California Los Angeles (1 Abstract)
University of California Riverside (1 Abstract)
University of California San Diego (1 Abstract)
University of California Santa Barbara (3 Abstracts)
University of California-Berkeley (3 Abstracts)
University of California-Davis (1 Abstract)
University of California-Irvine (3 Abstracts)
University of California, Berkeley (14 Abstracts)
University of California, Davis (2 Abstracts)
University of California, Irvine (2 Abstracts)
University of California, Riverside (3 Abstracts)
University of California, Santa Barbara (1 Abstract)
University of California, Santa Cruz (2 Abstracts)
University of Campinas (1 Abstract)
University of Canberra (1 Abstract)
University of Cape Town (1 Abstract)
University of Central Arkansas (4 Abstracts)
University of Central Florida (4 Abstracts)
University of Chicago (2 Abstracts)
University of Cincinnati (5 Abstracts)
University of Colorado (2 Abstracts)
University of Colorado Denver (3 Abstracts)
University of Colorado, Boulder (6 Abstracts)
University of Connecticut (8 Abstracts)
University of Copenhagen (3 Abstracts)
University of Delhi (1 Abstract)
University of Florida (49 Abstracts)
University of Fribourg (1 Abstract)
University of Georgia (11 Abstracts)
University of Gerogia (1 Abstract)
University of Gothenburg (3 Abstracts)
University of Göttingen (1 Abstract)
University of Granada (1 Abstract)
University of Guam (2 Abstracts)
University of Guelph (6 Abstracts)
University of Haifa (1 Abstract)
University of Haifa At Oranim (1 Abstract)
University Of Hawai'i At Manoa ( Abstract)
University of Hawaii (7 Abstracts)
University of Hawaii At Hilo (1 Abstract)
University of Hawaii At Manoa (7 Abstracts)
University of Hawaii Manoa (1 Abstract)
University of Idaho (6 Abstracts)
University of Illinois (10 Abstracts)
University of Illinois at Chicago (4 Abstracts)
University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign (2 Abstracts)
University of Illinois Chicago (5 Abstracts)
University of Indianapolis (1 Abstract)
University of Innsbruck (1 Abstract)
University of Kansas (9 Abstracts)
University of Konstanz (1 Abstract)
University of KwaZulu-Natal Pietermaritzburg (1 Abstract)
University of Lagos (5 Abstracts)
University of Leeds (1 Abstract)
University of Louisiana (1 Abstract)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette (1 Abstract)
University of Maine (2 Abstracts)
University of Manitoba (1 Abstract)
University of Maryland (4 Abstracts)
University of Massachusetts (4 Abstracts)
University of Massachusetts Amherst (1 Abstract)
University of Memphis (1 Abstract)
University of Miami (2 Abstracts)
University of Michigan (8 Abstracts)
University of Minnesota (5 Abstracts)
University of Mississippi (1 Abstract)
University of Missouri (6 Abstracts)
University of Missouri - Columbia (1 Abstract)
University of Missouri - St. Louis (7 Abstracts)
University of Missouri at Saint Louis (1 Abstract)
University of Missouri at St Louis and Missouri Botanical Gardens (1 Abstract)
University of Missouri St. Louis (1 Abstract)
University of Missouri-Columbia (1 Abstract)
University of Missouri-St. Louis (3 Abstracts)
University of Montreal (3 Abstracts)
University of Munich (LMU) (1 Abstract)
University of Nebraska (3 Abstracts)
University of Nebraska at Omaha (4 Abstracts)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1 Abstract)
University of Nevada-Reno (1 Abstract)
University of New Brunswick (1 Abstract)
University of New Orleans (2 Abstracts)
University of New South Wales (1 Abstract)
University of North Carolina (1 Abstract)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (3 Abstracts)
University of North Carolina At Greensboro (2 Abstracts)
University of North Carolina at Pembroke (1 Abstract)
University of North Carolina Wilmington (1 Abstract)
University of Northern Colorado (2 Abstracts)
University of Northern Iowa (1 Abstract)
University of Nottingham (1 Abstract)
University of Oklahoma (9 Abstracts)
University of Oslo, Norway (1 Abstract)
University of Ottawa (1 Abstract)
University of Pennsylvania (1 Abstract)
University of Peradeniya (1 Abstract)
University of Pisa (1 Abstract)
University of Pittsburgh (1 Abstract)
University of Puerto Rico (1 Abstract)
University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras Campus (1 Abstract)
University of Puerto Rico, (1 Abstract)
University of Reading (1 Abstract)
University of Regensburg (6 Abstracts)
University of Richmond (1 Abstract)
University of Rochester (1 Abstract)
University of Sao Paulo (5 Abstracts)
University of South Alabama (2 Abstracts)
University of South Carolina (1 Abstract)
University of South Carolina Upstate (1 Abstract)
University of Southern Mississippi (4 Abstracts)
University of Stellenbosch (1 Abstract)
University of Tehran (1 Abstract)
University of Tennessee (6 Abstracts)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2 Abstracts)
University of Texas (1 Abstract)
University of Texas at Austin (2 Abstracts)
University of Texas At El Paso (3 Abstracts)
University of Texas at San Antonio (1 Abstract)
University of the Aegean (1 Abstract)
University of the West Indies (1 Abstract)
University of Utah (1 Abstract)
University of Vermont (2 Abstracts)
University of Victoria (3 Abstracts)
University of Vienna (6 Abstracts)
University of Virginia (1 Abstract)
University of Warsaw (1 Abstract)
University of Warwick (1 Abstract)
University of Washington (16 Abstracts)
University of West Indies (1 Abstract)
University of Western Australia (1 Abstract)
University of Wisconsin (20 Abstracts)
University of Wisconsin - Madison (4 Abstracts)
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater (1 Abstract)
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1 Abstract)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (10 Abstracts)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (3 Abstracts)
University of Wisconsin-Platteville (1 Abstract)
University of Wisconson-Madison (1 Abstract)
University of Wyoming (3 Abstracts)
University of Yaoundé I (1 Abstract)
University of Zagreb (1 Abstract)
University of Zurich (5 Abstracts)
University Paris Sud (1 Abstract)
Uppsala University (3 Abstracts)
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (1 Abstract)
US Department of Agriculture (1 Abstract)
US Forest Service (1 Abstract)
US Forest Service Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry (1 Abstract)
USDA - Forest Service (1 Abstract)
USDA Agricultural Research Service, University of Wisconsin (1 Abstract)
USDA Agricultural Research Service; Univ. Wisconsin (1 Abstract)
USDA ARS; University of Wisconsin (1 Abstract)
USDA Forest Service (10 Abstracts)
USDA-ARS (1 Abstract)
USDA-ARS-SHRS (2 Abstracts)
USDA, Agricultural Research Service (1 Abstract)
USGS California Water Science Center (1 Abstract)
Utah State University (4 Abstracts)
Utrecht University (1 Abstract)
Uvic - Genome BC Proteomics Centre (1 Abstract)
UW - Madison (1 Abstract)
Virginia Tech (2 Abstracts)
Vivero Caraipa (1 Abstract)
Wagner & Associates (1 Abstract)
Wake Forest University (2 Abstracts)
Warren Wilson College (1 Abstract)
Washington State University (5 Abstracts)
Washington University (2 Abstracts)
Washington University - St. Louis (2 Abstracts)
Washington University in St Louis (1 Abstract)
Washington University In St. Louis (2 Abstracts)
Weber State University (1 Abstract)
Wesleyan University (3 Abstracts)
West Texas A&M University (1 Abstract)
Western Australian Herbarium (2 Abstracts)
Western Illinois University (5 Abstracts)
Western Washington University (1 Abstract)
Wichita State University (3 Abstracts)
Widener University (3 Abstracts)
Wilbur Wright College (1 Abstract)
Wilfrid Laurier University (1 Abstract)
Willamette University (1 Abstract)
Willamette University (2 Abstracts)
Wisconsin State Herbarium (1 Abstract)
Wisconsin State Herbarium (WIS) (1 Abstract)
WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF (1 Abstract)
Xiamen University (1 Abstract)
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1 Abstract)
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, the Chinese Academy of Scienc (1 Abstract)
Yale University (12 Abstracts)
Zhejiang University (2 Abstracts)

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